5 Signs That You Need to Replace the Grease Trap in Your Miami FL Home

grease-traps-replacement-miamiThe environment, your kitchen staff, and your customers are safer and healthier thanks to your use of grease traps. However, if your unit has been serving you for years already, it will (sooner or later) start to display symptoms of old age. Below are five telltale signs that you need to replace your grease trap.

1. Clogging of drains. Grease traps are specially designed to intercept fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) in order to keep clogging at bay. If (even after the necessary and periodic maintenance and clean-ups) your drains still chronically suffer from blockages, perhaps it is an indication that your grease trap needs replacement.

2. A distinctively foul smell (like that of rotten grease) coming from the sink. No matter how well or how often you clean and scrub the sink (and even when it’s always literally spick and span), there still remains this stink that is irritatingly impossible to get rid of.

3. A similarly offensive stench coming from somewhere in the drains or sewers. If your grease trap is functioning as it should, then your kitchen (and your kitchen staff) should not be suffering from this gut-wrenching stench. Your unit is meant to trap FOGs to keep a clean, hygienic, and eco-friendly kitchen.

Once your grease trap stops functioning despite regular maintenance, your kitchen will reek. Taking immediate action is crucial before your customers begin noticing, get repulsed, and start looking for a new place to eat.

4. Drain flies or sewer gnats. These tiny moth-like insects love living in damp areas and are attracted by organic decay that might be lodged within your drains. Like mosquitoes, they reproduce quickly. Although they don’t bite, they are the known carriers of pathogenic bacteria.

5. Grease ants. These little bugs can be annoyingly persistent and almost impossible to get rid of. Their favorite food is greasy, fatty, and meaty residue, which can be clogging your drains due to a malfunctioning grease trap.

Clogging due to a broken grease trap will wreak havoc in your kitchen and ultimately to your food business. By having your unit inspected, repaired, or replaced ASAP, you are sparing yourself from a load of trouble with the food safety authorities. Get the services of a reliable Miami plumber immediately.