How To Repair Different Types of Faucets in Boston

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We’re pretty sure that you have experienced having leaky faucets, continuously flowing taps or broken spigots at home especially if you’ve been using the same one for such a long time already. If you haven’t, then you’re definitely a lucky homeowner. Although leaks, continuous flows, lose threads and broken faucets aren’t that big of a problem, they still need to be attended to because you rely on them every day. However, you should know that there are several types of faucets and each of them requires a slightly different way to get repaired. Since every kind is comprised of unique parts and designed variedly, you’ve got to have adequate know-how to be able to succeed in DIY plumbing repairs. Let us help you through our blog post for today.

Different Types of Faucets And How To Repair Them

1. Cartridge-Type Stem Faucets

These kinds of faucets have rubber washers and springs. You can replace them by detaching the cartridge out of the tap’s body and then removing the spring and washer. Once they’re out, insert the new parts and carefully align the cartridge again. When it’s already perfectly positioned into the slots, secure it.

2. Faucets With Rubber Seat Rings

These types of faucets use a rubber seat ring instead of a washer. Remove the ring from the faucet stem and using your reliable pliers to hold the body, unscrew the threaded center part that secures the seat ring. Detach the sleeve and insert a new seat ring. Re-assemble the faucet back to its original setup.

3. Faucets With Metal Discs

These types don’t have washers. Instead, they make use of two metal discs that allow water to flow through the system. When this kind of faucet leaks, drips or malfunctions, the valve assembly must be changed.

4. Faucets With Built-In Seat Rings In The Stem

These kinds of spigots also have washers but their seat rings are built in to their stems. To repair this kind of faucet, simply unscrew the stem nut from the stem base. Remove the metal discs and the washer retainer that’s equipped with a rubber washer. Install the new washer into the retainer and assemble it back.

5.  Faucets With Rubber Diaphragms

While there are faucets that use rubber washers or metal discs, there are those that are equipped with rubber diaphragms to control the water. Just remove the stem using your handy pliers. You’ll find a rubber diaphragm at the bottom of the stem which you’ll have to pry open with the help of a screwdriver. Replace the diaphragm and ensure that it’s positioned perfectly before reassembly.

6. Single-Lever Faucets

There are so many types of single-lever faucets and you won’t find it hard to repair them. Why? Because there are kits for specific brands and types of this tap. Just get the right repair kit from the hardware store and follow the instructions.

We hope that you learned a lot about fixing different faucet types from our blog post. Should you need faucet repairs in Boston area, just call licensed Boston plumber like Plumbers 911! We provide 24-hour plumbing repair services to solve ANY plumbing issue!

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