Bathtub Faucet Repair for Houses in Arlington

faucet repair ArlingtonYour bathtub faucet will sooner or later wear out and when it does, it will get loose, leak or worst, become ineffectual. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to repair or replace. With proper troubleshooting and basic plumbing skills, you can replace worn out parts or upgrade the entire assembly in a snap. Here’s a quick DIY to help you out.

1. Get the right parts for your bathtub faucet. Make sure they’re the right size and model so that you won’t need to go back to the supply shop. Gather your tools and materials before you start.

2. Now begin your DIY project. Shut off the water supply valve and drain any excess water from the pipes. There’s a decorative cap that covers the handle insert of your faucet. Pry it off with your putty knife.

3. Detach the screw of the faucet handle. Wiggle it and pull it off carefully. If it won’t budge, heat it with your hair dryer first. Never ever pull too hard because it’s brittle.

4. Pop the faucet handle loose with the help of your handle puller. Just position it against the screw head and then press both arms together. Turn the puller’s post in a clockwise direction right until the handle pops. Remove the handle and carefully unscrew the escutcheon plate.

5. Slide the bathtub socket right onto the faucet stem bonnet. Turn it in a counterclockwise direction so you can break the stem loose. If it won’t budge as well, use a lubricant.

6. Get your seat wrench and press it firmly into the seat. Turn it in a counterclockwise direction to pop and detach the seat. Again, use a lubricant if the part won’t budge. Coat the seat’s new threads with pipe dope and put it in position again.

7. Unscrew the faucet’s packing nut and pry out the old washer. Use your screwdriver for this task. Grease the faucet stem’s threads and reinstall it in the bonnet.

8. Apply lubrication on the new washer and put it in the right place. Grease and tighten the packing nut. Now grease and install the new seat washer. Pull the old bonnet washer and replace it as well. Apply your choice of pipe joint compound to the stem bonnet’s threads and reinstall the faucet body. Grease the faucet handle splines and put the escutcheon and handle back in place.

9. Turn the water supply valve and test for leaks.

I hope that this Arlington faucet repair helps you fix your tub spout properly! If you need to have a new faucet installed, check out this resource on how to install a bathtub spout. And should you require professional plumbing assistance, contact licensed Arlington plumbers immediately.

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